Saturday, March 28, 2009


As my brief was creating an identity I had to look in to visual identity, logo, and brand identity and a bit about branding also. These are some reference that I think helped me to decide how should I go head with the project.
“Visual identity is a part of the deeper identity of the group, the outward sign of inward commitment, serving to remind it of its real purpose.”- Wally Olins.
A logo is a visual representation of your agency comprised of your name and any graphical element that appears with the name
“A brand is a result, not tactic” –Lucas Conley, Fast Company
Brand is what you stand for. Brand is the experience.
A strong brand,
1. Creates an affinity for your agency among your target audience
2. Ensures loyalty
3. Minimizes competitive threats
4. Creates confidence, risk- reduction, simplicity in decision- making and time savings
5. Enhances the self-image of those who associate with it.
6. Brand is what you stand for. And it is the experience you create in customer.

An identity is made up of three fundamental elements,
1. Visual system- the mark, logotype, typographic system. Color palette and imagery.
2. Personality- Values, Attributes and Associations
3. Functionality and behavior- The integration in to business and brand strategy, as well as any interaction.
A brand identity is expressed in a thumbprint of a symbol or icon, representing all that the organization, product or service is. As such, the identity is rarely experienced out the context from the brands expressed values, attributes or associations. As it relies on the experience of the brand as a whole to build brand equity.

So when I look in to Arzoo’s identity, I was almost sure I don’t need to create a new visual identity for Arzoo. As it is already rooted in Arzoo’s system. So what is next?


  1. Hi, please find the link below.
    I hope if you find it helpful to think about the VISUAL and BRANDING STRATEGY. This organisation called Oxfam, one of the biggest group acting world-widely.

    Oxfam International []
    Oxfam Great Britain []

    In UK, we have many charity shops everywhere. (Even in our tiny town Farnham, we have nearly 10 charity shops !)
    Among them, I always thought Oxfam's VISUAL IDENTITY and their PROMOTION STRATEGY looked outstanding.

    If I pick up some of distinctive points,


    They use a wood plates as a material for the shop's sign. The logo mark's round typeface, the colour of earthy-green, and the texture of wood give me a impression that the organisation is well-organised, reliable and caring the environment issues.
    (please look at the image of the 'shop finder' below)

    I think Oxfam looks at their customers between the middle-class people and upper-working-class people.
    At their shops, they sell second-hand stuff as well as some organic foods and fair trade products. Second-hand stuff are not that expensive, but the organics and fairtrades cost a little bit more than the usual chocolates, skin cares and so one.

    If you look at the link above, you could see they have STRATEGIES to sell their products and build up their own branding image.

    Please have fun with your project!

    take care, love and hugs, Shiho

  2. thanks shiho..for your comment and suggestion.
    i will check on the links u have mentioned. :)