Thursday, March 19, 2009

First meeting with Tarun

It was really important for me to have a feedback on my initial research to go forward. Really the first meeting with Tarun, my project guide helped to analyse and find out the loopholes in my research and the important points that I have missed.
There was some questions i realized I need to find out more after the discussion,

The shops in which Arzoo is selling their products , what is the deal of selling? Where is the profit goes to or and how much?
What is the overall activity of Arzoo in everyday life? Who are people involved? And in which areas?
And what is your promotion looking for? Whom should it be targeted at?
And what consistency do Arzoo ensure on their products?
What basis can be the comparison of Arzoo products and it’s competitors.

There, I realized I have along way to go. I started with properly understanding the system in which Arzoo works.


  1. Who is Tarun?? Introduce your guide atleast. And link his name to his blogs. :)

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  3. Please check the proposal post. i have mentioned that in detail