Saturday, March 28, 2009

Second meeting with Tarun

The structure of Arzoo become more clear now. But there were some missing points still. The Second meeting with Tarun showed me a proper way to go ahead. After the research so far, it is time to analyze the data I collected. Some points came up in the discussion that would help me to go ahead.
1. What should be the tone of language you should speak to your customers? To supporters? As well as the volunteers?
2. How colours, images and typography will help to speak that language?
3. How much consistent you can be for portraying Arzoo? And what are the ways?
4. What are the keywords you should speak when converting Arzoo’s vision in to visual?


As my brief was creating an identity I had to look in to visual identity, logo, and brand identity and a bit about branding also. These are some reference that I think helped me to decide how should I go head with the project.
“Visual identity is a part of the deeper identity of the group, the outward sign of inward commitment, serving to remind it of its real purpose.”- Wally Olins.
A logo is a visual representation of your agency comprised of your name and any graphical element that appears with the name
“A brand is a result, not tactic” –Lucas Conley, Fast Company
Brand is what you stand for. Brand is the experience.
A strong brand,
1. Creates an affinity for your agency among your target audience
2. Ensures loyalty
3. Minimizes competitive threats
4. Creates confidence, risk- reduction, simplicity in decision- making and time savings
5. Enhances the self-image of those who associate with it.
6. Brand is what you stand for. And it is the experience you create in customer.

An identity is made up of three fundamental elements,
1. Visual system- the mark, logotype, typographic system. Color palette and imagery.
2. Personality- Values, Attributes and Associations
3. Functionality and behavior- The integration in to business and brand strategy, as well as any interaction.
A brand identity is expressed in a thumbprint of a symbol or icon, representing all that the organization, product or service is. As such, the identity is rarely experienced out the context from the brands expressed values, attributes or associations. As it relies on the experience of the brand as a whole to build brand equity.

So when I look in to Arzoo’s identity, I was almost sure I don’t need to create a new visual identity for Arzoo. As it is already rooted in Arzoo’s system. So what is next?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The heart and the soul

This is too late to write something about Sulekha, the founder and coordinator of Arzoo, her life is dedicated toArzoo. Inspiring, hard working and down to earth i could say. I was quite surprised to see her enthusiasm and energy to work towards what she wants, something that so many young people missing today.
She and some of her friends together found Arzoo after Gujarat riots 2002. Since then she has been working with the children to educate them, play with them, to build a communal harmony among them, and helping them overcome the fear they have gone through. Now with her continuous efforts she got Arzoo registered as an NGO. Still she is constantly working with the local women as well as the underprivileged children.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Building a structure

So..after all these visits i struggled to understand the overall view of Arzoo, how it works, From where to where the products goes to? who are the people involved. I tried putting all the points together. Tried to understand the system. Here the photograph of the rough structure to make myself understand the points.

Meeting with Prof. Anil Gupta

Had a nice experience with Prof.Anil Gupta, who is the Co-ordinator, SRISTI and Honey Bee Network, and , Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation. He is also a faculty in the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad., who had been a helping hand of Arzoo since 5years. A busy man with lots of works, jovial and inspiring. I could see the openness and the simplicity when I met him.

Over a nice chai, in 20 minutes he told me his intentions to help Arzoo and what was the sparking creativity and thoughts he found very hopeful in Arzoo. After that brief discussion, I could realize something which can be useful for my project.
1.what are the good memories the children, and staff have about Arzoo, which keep them going ahead, can be an approach towards building Arzoo’s identity.
2.Arzoo products which I thought would not be for lower class in the society, actually can be for them also.
3.The possibility of Newspaper, instead of handmade paper and its graphical layout in the design intervention and by that how they can reduce the cost as well as increase their Market.

Arzoo behans

These are the beautiful hands which makes the products of Arzoo. Trough their hands Arzoo gets a main part of the income to educate it's children. So i can't go on with the project without them. I had a nice interaction with each of them at their homes. Wonderful women, who has lots of aspirations in their life and they want to earn their own money. They are hoping for a bright future through Arzoo.

The products, Arzoo’s one of the main income source, comes from the hands of Arzoo’s behans, 10 of them. I had to talk to them and understand what their vision about Arzoo is. Most of them supporting their livelihood by making Arzoo products. If there is not enough work they struggle for their ends meet. Their hopes about Arzoo are,
1. They think Arzoo is giving their children not only education, but making them good human being.
2. Apart from education Aroo provides chances to see new things and new places.
3. These women hope that Arzoo get a good future, in which they will get a lot of orders, so that they can make a lot of products and earn some money for their family and become independent.

Bal bhavan

In between my visits to these places, i can't avoid The Bal bhavan which is running under Ahmedabad Muncipal co-orporation. The childrens from the local area comes and make products once in a while. But i couldn't see much of an energy or let me say, no children at all. I could only find some greeting cards which are made by children. The hand painted board was interesting with the faces of two children.


I visited Prinay, the paper merchandiser from Arzoo always buy the paper products. I could see the wide variety of handmade, recycled paper. I could see the prize range also for the products. ‘ Kalamkush’ another place near Gandhi Ashram founded by Sri. Sardar Vallabhai Patel, is famous for its production of handmade papers from recycled cloths. I went and spoke about paper products. I could see the process of paper making as well as variety of handmade papers in different colours and textures.The maximum paper size available was 22"x 30", as well as 18"x 23"
The price list of the handmade and handmade recycle paper available at 'Prinay'.

It was intersting to see differnt types of handmade papers and the products.

Understanding the structure- visits

There I started looking at Arzoo’s structure. I started finding out answers to these questions. what are the areas, How many people are involved? Who are they? I first made a visit to the printers from whom Arzoo gets prints from. The ' Favourite' printer
in Khadia and the owner Faizal bhai. He do screen printing jobs mostly on stationaries and visiting cards with the help of 6 people and 2 tables in his small printing unit. The maximum screen size available from him is 15"x20"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First meeting with Tarun

It was really important for me to have a feedback on my initial research to go forward. Really the first meeting with Tarun, my project guide helped to analyse and find out the loopholes in my research and the important points that I have missed.
There was some questions i realized I need to find out more after the discussion,

The shops in which Arzoo is selling their products , what is the deal of selling? Where is the profit goes to or and how much?
What is the overall activity of Arzoo in everyday life? Who are people involved? And in which areas?
And what is your promotion looking for? Whom should it be targeted at?
And what consistency do Arzoo ensure on their products?
What basis can be the comparison of Arzoo products and it’s competitors.

There, I realized I have along way to go. I started with properly understanding the system in which Arzoo works.

Identity and promotions of similar NGOs

Some initial findings

I have done a small analysis based on my first stage of research.
Arzoo’s identity and promotional materials can be improved as they are applied differently and sometimes not recognizable.
The products quality can be worked upon as the market has some good competition in the similar field.
The Products which are on sale along with Arzoo's products carry much stronger and communicating identity and labels to the customers.
Aroo’s website is build 5years before, which didn’t have any modification according to the time.

Application in various products

Use of the identity and labels on some products.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Existing brochure and stickers

Existing identity and it's applications

Some of the applications of existing identity of Arzoo.

Some findings..

I had to take a look at the promotional materials and the use of identity on various levels to understand it's functionality. In some of the products Arzoo's identity showed the gradation, in some it was just an outline. I was confused about these application of identity because it would create the most powerful impact on people.
It made me to check on the other Organizations which has been doing similar works and making similar products in the market and the shopes in which these products are sold.
I could find he products from other organizations like Manav sadhana and Utthan was well identified with their tags and stickers. Although they had their brochures to give customers which will of course add to mouth publicity as well.


Before I start my work, I had to look into the system in which Arzoo works, their activities, people involved and more about their products. So some frequent visits made me understand a lot more about Arzoo. Before sharing those, i am putting down the objectives that Arzoo follows till the date.

To promote communal harmony
To enable the children build up a bright future through education and mental support
To unleash creative potential and provide a sense of security to children
Ensure employment to women who produce hand made stuffs to raise funds for children.
To promote cultural activity amongst children
To promote health awareness amongst children

The handmade products plays an important role in Arzoo's system. By talking to sulekha I understood even though they had alots of people who is ready to help them, there handmade products have been not sold just because they didn’t get any order and People don’t know about them and their products. Arzoo is hoping that they can improve their children’s lifes if they get more orders for their products and improve the sale.


So, here my proposal for the project, under the guidance of My faculty and co-ordinator of Graphic Design, Mr.Tarun Deep Girdher, simple, inspiring and spontaneous person. He is a Graphic Designer,working intensively in to typography, development communication, symbol design, publication design and much more.
A well thought, communicating identity and promotion always helps organizations to achieve success in the market. Especially an organization who is not financially sound but still need to promote and expand their business. When I was looking for projects in the NGO sector, I came across Arzoo, an education and activity centre for underprivileged children, who really need an identity and promotion for their products, which will also be chance for me to learn a lot about branding and promotion.

Arzoo is an education activity centre created with an aim to provide a secure knowledge and livelihood base to the underprivileged children. Arzoo was conceived in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots in the year 2002, to provide love and guidance to the affected children. Arzoo is an initiative to touch every sphere of social relevance and strives to promote harmony through education and extracurricular activities. Arzoo also provides a platform for getting children involved in making various products out of recycled paper. I feel the current identity for Arzoo does not carry their intended message efficiently and there is scope for improvement. Additionally there is a need for promotional materials for their products which range from greeting cards, paper bags etc. to help Arzoo stay in the market and support their children.


To Design a new Identity for Arzoo, and promotional materials for their products.


•To give a new look and feel to the identity and design new promotional material making them communicative enough to spread Arzoo’s message.
•Make sure that the products themselves communicate enough for the people to identify them in the market.
•The design should be economical in terms of production helping Arzoo maintain it’s financial stability.

Scope of work:
•Understanding the process of branding and promotions in the area of developmental communication.
• Collect information in low cost promotional materials.
• Study Existing identity and promotions and analyse how it works.
• Study the approach of similar organizations and analysing how the identity and promotional materials helping them in the market.
• The scope of giving more design input to help Arzoo and it’s products.

Phase 1: Information collection, Understanding Brief

• Understanding Arzoo and it’s activities.
• Study Arzoo’s existing identity and promotions and analyse how it help them.
• Study people’s opinion about Arzoo and it’s products. User study.
• Comparative study of similar organisations and their functions and promotional materials.

Phase 2: Analysis of the data collected

• What to communicate to whom?
• How Arzoo’s value can reflect in their identity and promotion.
• How an effective communication can be made economically.
• Re briefing.

Phase 3: Conceptualisation

• Exploring visual representations
• Alternative methods for visual language
• Possibility of giving more inputs to Arzoo’s products.

Phase 4: Excecution

• Sample prototype
• Testing and refinement
• Final execution.

Phase 5: Documentation

First question

I thought it would be interesting to see their activities and the products they make. i went to Arzoo, spent some time. I understood that there is no proper promotional materials for their products to help them in the market. The existing Arzoo idenity was used differently in different products. In some of the products there was no identity at all. I realized the need of a proper design in their products and their identity, even though the identity had a cute childish feeling.
Can i help them as a design student, by working upon these issues rather than helping them with the money which wont stay for so long. Yes, i wanted to help them with something that they can carry forward and which will help them to expand their world and help to brighten their children's future. So i decided to go ahead with Arzoo as my classroom project.

Few words..

I was looking for projects in NGO sector for my last classroom project, studio 4. While I was browsing through the NGOs in Ahmedabad on internet, I came across Arzoo. I was quite curious when I came to know that Arzoo was conceived in the aftermath of Gujarat riots.
‘Arzoo’ with meaning ‘ hope’ is started by Ms. Sulekha Ali and her friends is basically an education and activity center which aims to secure knowledge and livelihood based to the underprivileged children. Even though Arzoo was started to probed moral , social and material support to the children who has affected by riots of Gujarat in 2002, it carried forward to give support and a sense of security to them as well as other children who is underprivileged.Arzoo is an initiative to touch every sphere of social relevance and strives to promote harmony through education and extracurricular activities. Arzoo also provides a platform for getting children involved in making various products out of recycled paper.