Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another important meeting with Tarun

After the analysis of the logo from the typography, form and visual point of view and trying to make it proper I had another meeting with Tarun, which was really helpful, motivating and inspiring for me to look back to the work I have done so far and realize what are the points which I have missed and would be really useful in the project. These are some sparks I got from today’s discussion,
1. The identity ‘Arzoo’ which is actually a Hindi word, will it make a difference in the viewer when he read the identity in English as well as in a vernacular language?
2. What is each element says in the identity? Does it carry any meaning? Say, the 8 rays of the sun which is there in the identity. Can it be more meaningful?
3. What are the various ways of making the identity more flexible for variety of applications by keeping the consistency? ( As Arzoo does more flexible and vibrant activities)
4. What are the direct/ metaphorical/ aspirational approaches you can have in your visuals and thoughts for the promotion?
5. Can the tagline ‘Together we shine’ be changed and make more meaningful to represent Arzoo’s vision?
After the meeting I realized that I still have a long way to go and try more variations in the identity in such a way that all the elements in the identity can be properly seen in various sizes and applications.