Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, here my proposal for the project, under the guidance of My faculty and co-ordinator of Graphic Design, Mr.Tarun Deep Girdher, simple, inspiring and spontaneous person. He is a Graphic Designer,working intensively in to typography, development communication, symbol design, publication design and much more.
A well thought, communicating identity and promotion always helps organizations to achieve success in the market. Especially an organization who is not financially sound but still need to promote and expand their business. When I was looking for projects in the NGO sector, I came across Arzoo, an education and activity centre for underprivileged children, who really need an identity and promotion for their products, which will also be chance for me to learn a lot about branding and promotion.

Arzoo is an education activity centre created with an aim to provide a secure knowledge and livelihood base to the underprivileged children. Arzoo was conceived in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots in the year 2002, to provide love and guidance to the affected children. Arzoo is an initiative to touch every sphere of social relevance and strives to promote harmony through education and extracurricular activities. Arzoo also provides a platform for getting children involved in making various products out of recycled paper. I feel the current identity for Arzoo does not carry their intended message efficiently and there is scope for improvement. Additionally there is a need for promotional materials for their products which range from greeting cards, paper bags etc. to help Arzoo stay in the market and support their children.


To Design a new Identity for Arzoo, and promotional materials for their products.


•To give a new look and feel to the identity and design new promotional material making them communicative enough to spread Arzoo’s message.
•Make sure that the products themselves communicate enough for the people to identify them in the market.
•The design should be economical in terms of production helping Arzoo maintain it’s financial stability.

Scope of work:
•Understanding the process of branding and promotions in the area of developmental communication.
• Collect information in low cost promotional materials.
• Study Existing identity and promotions and analyse how it works.
• Study the approach of similar organizations and analysing how the identity and promotional materials helping them in the market.
• The scope of giving more design input to help Arzoo and it’s products.

Phase 1: Information collection, Understanding Brief

• Understanding Arzoo and it’s activities.
• Study Arzoo’s existing identity and promotions and analyse how it help them.
• Study people’s opinion about Arzoo and it’s products. User study.
• Comparative study of similar organisations and their functions and promotional materials.

Phase 2: Analysis of the data collected

• What to communicate to whom?
• How Arzoo’s value can reflect in their identity and promotion.
• How an effective communication can be made economically.
• Re briefing.

Phase 3: Conceptualisation

• Exploring visual representations
• Alternative methods for visual language
• Possibility of giving more inputs to Arzoo’s products.

Phase 4: Excecution

• Sample prototype
• Testing and refinement
• Final execution.

Phase 5: Documentation

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