Monday, March 23, 2009

Arzoo behans

These are the beautiful hands which makes the products of Arzoo. Trough their hands Arzoo gets a main part of the income to educate it's children. So i can't go on with the project without them. I had a nice interaction with each of them at their homes. Wonderful women, who has lots of aspirations in their life and they want to earn their own money. They are hoping for a bright future through Arzoo.

The products, Arzoo’s one of the main income source, comes from the hands of Arzoo’s behans, 10 of them. I had to talk to them and understand what their vision about Arzoo is. Most of them supporting their livelihood by making Arzoo products. If there is not enough work they struggle for their ends meet. Their hopes about Arzoo are,
1. They think Arzoo is giving their children not only education, but making them good human being.
2. Apart from education Aroo provides chances to see new things and new places.
3. These women hope that Arzoo get a good future, in which they will get a lot of orders, so that they can make a lot of products and earn some money for their family and become independent.

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