Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Before I start my work, I had to look into the system in which Arzoo works, their activities, people involved and more about their products. So some frequent visits made me understand a lot more about Arzoo. Before sharing those, i am putting down the objectives that Arzoo follows till the date.

To promote communal harmony
To enable the children build up a bright future through education and mental support
To unleash creative potential and provide a sense of security to children
Ensure employment to women who produce hand made stuffs to raise funds for children.
To promote cultural activity amongst children
To promote health awareness amongst children

The handmade products plays an important role in Arzoo's system. By talking to sulekha I understood even though they had alots of people who is ready to help them, there handmade products have been not sold just because they didn’t get any order and People don’t know about them and their products. Arzoo is hoping that they can improve their children’s lifes if they get more orders for their products and improve the sale.

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