Monday, March 23, 2009

Meeting with Prof. Anil Gupta

Had a nice experience with Prof.Anil Gupta, who is the Co-ordinator, SRISTI and Honey Bee Network, and , Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation. He is also a faculty in the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad., who had been a helping hand of Arzoo since 5years. A busy man with lots of works, jovial and inspiring. I could see the openness and the simplicity when I met him.

Over a nice chai, in 20 minutes he told me his intentions to help Arzoo and what was the sparking creativity and thoughts he found very hopeful in Arzoo. After that brief discussion, I could realize something which can be useful for my project.
1.what are the good memories the children, and staff have about Arzoo, which keep them going ahead, can be an approach towards building Arzoo’s identity.
2.Arzoo products which I thought would not be for lower class in the society, actually can be for them also.
3.The possibility of Newspaper, instead of handmade paper and its graphical layout in the design intervention and by that how they can reduce the cost as well as increase their Market.

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