Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Few words..

I was looking for projects in NGO sector for my last classroom project, studio 4. While I was browsing through the NGOs in Ahmedabad on internet, I came across Arzoo. I was quite curious when I came to know that Arzoo was conceived in the aftermath of Gujarat riots.
‘Arzoo’ with meaning ‘ hope’ is started by Ms. Sulekha Ali and her friends is basically an education and activity center which aims to secure knowledge and livelihood based to the underprivileged children. Even though Arzoo was started to probed moral , social and material support to the children who has affected by riots of Gujarat in 2002, it carried forward to give support and a sense of security to them as well as other children who is underprivileged.Arzoo is an initiative to touch every sphere of social relevance and strives to promote harmony through education and extracurricular activities. Arzoo also provides a platform for getting children involved in making various products out of recycled paper.

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