Monday, April 27, 2009

Whom to communicate.

When analyzing arzoo’s system it is clear that,
In organizational level,
Arzoo needs more funding in order to keep their financial stability.
Order for the products are not consistent. As products stands as the mains source of income, they need to get more orders. So that they need proper communication to the suppliers and for the possible new market.
In product level,
Products are sold in the market, but it doesn’t focus on any particular group, and no unified promotional materials and doesn’t reflect Arzoo’s values. And doesn’t say anything about what is Arzoo and what it does.
There are some miscommunication about the products that needs to be cleared.

So the the areas where the communication is possible are,
1. Communication to supporters
2. Communication to the already existing clients.
3. Communication to the public.
4. Communication to the share holders

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