Thursday, April 9, 2009

Children- the meaning of Arzoo.

Aroo kids, the most important part of Arzoo, for whom it started and built up gradually.
Around 60 children who are below poverty line from 5-15 age group getting basic education from Arzoo. I have been observing them from the beginning of my research. I could see the energy and enthusiasm of the children who is never exposed to a multimedia world like ours. Getting inspired from the discussion with Prof. Anil Gupta, I thought of having an interaction section with the kids. I could make them draw about their dreams..about themselves…about arzoo. The observations I could gather from these are,
1. They are dreaming about a bright future in which they, their friends and family and country can live happily.
2. Children like to come to Arzoo because, Arzoo provide them an education with so much of fun and they get to see a lot of places, lots of new things.
3. Each kid carry a wonderful memory with them about each celebration. About the cartoon shows, about the gifts they got.. about the cultural programs they participated.
The boy, Sarfaraz, his most memorable experience in Arzoo was the character he acted in a play ‘ I am like you’..
I think these experiences and understandings will help me to look in to their identity more critically and later in creating a visual language for Arzoo.

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