Monday, April 27, 2009

Opinions from Public.

Before talking about anything more I would like to add some responses and opinions from common man who bought Arzoo’s products. I could find some information about what made them support Arzoo and buy their products and what they had to say about it.
“The products are good, innovative. It shows the kind of efforts kids put to make them. The designs are also real, not the kind that are usually found in the market, so that makes them different from other counterparts”- Sejal, Software engineer.
“needs design support. the use of the kind of material is high appreciable, but there needs to be design support to make these products attractive, quality finish and in sink with the current market demands”- Aruna Pandey, Consultant - Environment and Development
“Its purely for the consideration of Arzoo kids and their future. I never saw/expected anything on the products; I am expecting the great future ahead for the kids.” - Civil Engineer
“Arzoo's products go beyond costs and beauty.. Its the innocence of the young hands that goes into making these products so appealing” - Advertising and Outreach Manager at a micro finance consultancy
“Arzoo is a great initiative to educate slum children without much of resource. They sustain themselves by producing Eco friendly and attractive products” - National Head - IT
“Arzoo is a great effort. And its products are really appreciable as those who made these products are neither professional more trained. So i wish to by so this way i can help them in tiny extent.” Quality analyst in IT
“Good effort but still can be improved specially finishing and consistency can be worked upon.”- Freelance worker
When I conclude these surveys,
1. It was interesting that most of them came to know about Arzoo from their friends as well as colleagues.
2. Functionality and aesthetics of the products as well as generosity towards Arzoo made them buy the products.
3. Some people think that the products are made by children. And in the promotional materials it is not showing these are made by women and it is used of children’s education. That leads to miscommunication.

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