Friday, April 3, 2009

Vision, Mission and Values

Before looking for ways to represent Arzoo’s vision, I wanted to know about what is vision, mission and values of an organization?
Vision- The reason for being, based on recognized and unrecognized customer needs or desires. An audience statement, the vision articulates the brand’s aspirations, frames its long term ambitions and essentially captures its point of view of the world.
Vision is the synthesis of a set of organization beliefs, woven in to a statement of how the world should be.
Mission- A statement that describes how the vision can be accomplished, embodying practical business goals. It is ambitious yet achievable over time, and generally reassessed as markets change and company grows.
Values- the tenets that guide organizations relationships- with employees, consumers, the media and so on- there by capturing the spirit of the brand and forcing the vision and mission. In the same way that individuals moral and ethics form their behaviors, core values remain constant in the face of changing marketing strategies.
Once you establish a set of belief as a team, they will probably need refining, developing and synthesizing. Go through the second round of setting our beliefs, but this time prompted by the following questions.
1. What kind of world do you believe in?
2. What kind of right and wrong can your charity adhere to?
3. What statement of how you work makes you different?
4. What statement of how money will be used makes you different?
5. How will the world be better if you succeed as an organization?

'Brands and branding' by Rita Clifton and John Simmons


  1. Charu, very insightful definitions.

    but now you need to be clear about your own understanding of the vision, mission and values of Arzoo, and which of these do you want to project to the public/audience through the various touchpoints which you will design.

    then clarity shall emerge

  2. Thanks alot Tarun. i will be adding the analysis and understanding of Arzoo's vision, mission and values as my next stage.