Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Screen Printing and testing

It was important to screen print the identities on various papers and test the legibility and readability of the letters and the clarity of the elements of the identity in various sizes. As Arzoo's greeting cards and folders communicate through screen printed designs, this test became important to compare the differences between the existing identity and the refined identity. I chose handmade papers of various colours from which Arzoo make greeting cards and files and get screen printed. I also had selected Natural shade papers of 70 gsm, 80 gsm, and 100 gsm , art papers and cartridge papers. I selected three options of the identities, the existing identity, refined identity with a bigger sun and smaller sun. All three options were screen printed in 1 inch and half and inch.
While screen printing the considerations were,
1. To check the legibility and readability of the refined identity and compare it with the existing identity.
2. To check the visibility and clarity of the elements of the existing identity and the refined identity.
3. To check the identities on light coloured and dark coloured backgrounds and on white surface.

Even though I couldn't try all the possible options I managed to get the basic identity screen printed with the help of Sudarshan bai, Sirish bai, Manilal bai and Barat patel. The printing was done in NID's own printing department.

Single colour application on Handmade paper, art paper and cartridge paper and natural shade papers.

Visiting cards screen printed in different papers to test the readability of the fonts.

Visiting cards with one side telling the story of Arzoo, which will become a communication medium. Single colour application on white background. Tried on various papers.

Two colour screen printing in different papers.

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